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The data presented here is a data dump of what was presented in the vpfg website. 
This website was no longer compatible with UK website accessibility law and therefore we were requested to take it down.

The data were taken from the publication Vascular Plant Families and Genera compiled by R. K. Brummitt and published by the
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 1992.

For Kew internal users: please have in mind that a live version of the database is maintaned internally and available through
the genindex desktop client.

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|-- README.txt  This document
|-- FamilyTable_VPFG1992.txt The family table in a txt file pipe separated
|-- GenusTable_VPFG1992.txt The genus table in a txt file pipe separated
|-- Genus+Family_VPFG1992.txt The genus table complemented with the family it belongs in a txt file pipe separated


Acknowledgements of assistance from specialists, some statistics and explanatory notes may be found in the introduction to the book. The families
recognised were determined by a committee of botanists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K) and the Natural History Museum (BM), operating between
1984 and 1992. The recognised genera are those accepted in the Kew Herbarium in 1992.